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Dear Dustin,

My furniture was picked up this evening by a team of 2 young men named Alex and Javier. They were the professional movers I would have ordered if that were my option. They were hard working, wasting very little time. I told Alex he worked so fast he made me dizzy . Javier worked steadily and well. They had had a long day but you wouldn’t know it. I felt comfortable having them in my home and that’s important. Polite and no swearing. I would recommend them to anyone.

I enjoyed working with you, Dustin.

There is no relationship of any kind between me and these people. I just like to applaud people who do their job well, especially when they go above and beyond. I hope this email can be forwarded to someone who can act on it.”
Thank You!

January, 2016

Dear Alexandra,

Because of your daily pleasant encouragement and polite assistance, I selected Delta Van Lines as my mover of choice. I was moving from the east coast to the Midwest! Your calls and emails were very responsive to my need.

You were consistently pleasant and encouraging when I was a bit stressed about my move. I appreciated your gentle understanding and support.

I also was pleased with the support of Melissa who also answered my calls and offered encouragement and support when I clearly misunderstood the length of time it would take for my things to be transported!

Rachel, too, whom I spoke to frequently was very supportive during my first time moving jitters.

I found Haji/Hajy to be a delight too. Once my things were transported to our new home, Haji was pleasant and very easy to talk with. I moved to a gated community and naturally I worried and the drivers ability to maneuver his rig around the other cars and buildings. Haji was so skilled in his driving ability. I was impressed by his politeness, his courtesy, and his work ethic. He called in another fellow to help unload and that fellow, too, was responsibly on time and efficient.

I also want to include that the team who did finally arrive at my home to initially collect my things (in 1 degree weather), I think it was Robert, they were very efficient and clearly skilled in their packing and pleasant.

Each personnel I spoke with, affiliated with Delta Van Lines, was very courteous, pleasant, positive and helpful. Clearly I had first-move jitters and each was pleasantly supportive and helpful!

When folks do a great job I believe it is important to be acknowledged.
Thanks so much!

Sally H.
March 30th, 2014

Hi Alex,

Thank you for everything that you did to make this move very smooth for me even with the weather taking a toll. You were very helpful throughout the entire process. Every time I called to check on the status you always replied very promptly and very curiously. Again I thank you for all you did.

Sean D.

January 25, 2014

Dear Sir or Madam,

I recently used your company to transport numerous boxed household items from Deerfield Beach to Rockport, Massachusetts. From the very beginning I was impressed with the professionalism from Delta Van Lines. In particular, I would like to mention Alex, who handled our job from start to finish. She was courteous, precise and very informative. Your truck arrived on time with everything intact.

Additionally, your two drivers, Juan and Carlos went above and beyond. When a recent ice/snow storm left a mess on the ground, they were irreplaceable. They transported all our boxes down a 75 foot driveway and into storage, So thank you Delta, thank you Alexandra, thank you Juan, thank you Carlos.

John “Al” L.

January 12, 2014

Hi Alex,

It was very much comfortable and smooth for my household moves with delta van lines. Alex was professional and helpful in resolving all kinds of queries. She was on top of all of my concerns and addressed them on time. As a customer I am pretty much happy with the way she liaised the whole move. The pack up team was excellent and knowledgeable. They did all my packing meticulously as a result I got everything as it is without a single breakage. All my stuffs were delivered on scheduled time. I am looking forward for their help and support in my next move. Nice to work with you guys!!!!


Dear Kristen,

I am writing this letter to make you aware of how satisfied I am with the transportation of my belongings enroute from Daytona Beach to Johnston, Rhode Island. As you know I was unable to be at the storage unit to relay to the drive what items I was moving. Omyir, the drive, contacted me once he arrived at the storage unit, and I told him exactly what was to be moved. I must say, all my belongings arrived in excellent condition. A special thanks to Omyir and Hector.

I would strongly recommend Delta Van Lines to friends and family as a very reputable company.

Thank you so much for making this move a pleasant one.

Sincerest regards,
Sandy, RI

June 2012

Hi Michelle,

I would like to thank you for your outstanding service and assistance getting the truck and crew set up so quickly and efficiently. I was all up-tight about getting it done myself, called you, you took it from there, and made everything so easy for us! The crew did a great job, as well as being very courteous and polite and we thank them very much also!! If we ever have to move again we’ll definitely call Delta Van Lines first!!

Thanks again!

Hi Michelle,

Thank you SO much for checking in. Everything went so wonderfully. I couldn’t have been happier with the job that you did.

Thanks for everything.

Marisa C.
January 2012

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