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Delta Van Lines Local Residential Moving Services

Delta Van Lines provides local moving services customized at your request. Typically, a local move is done within the same town or city. Whether you are relocating down the street or across town, our highly trained movers and drivers are here to help you with a stress-free move.

How Much Will the Move Cost?

In most states, the charges of a local move are based on an hourly rate, which means you will have to pay only for the moving time and packing services if required.

With Delta Van Lines, the move begins when the professional movers reach your first location and continues throughout the loading process, concluding when we have arrived at your new destination and unloaded all your belongings. Additional stops between the origin and destination are also included in the total move time, and there are no extra charges for multiple stops.

In addition to the hourly rate, there is a one-time fee called a “travel time charge” that covers the mover’s traveling costs from their facilities to your location and back to their office after accomplishing the move. Please note that this charge is at the same rate as the hourly moving fee.

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